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Petroleum Equipment & Services, Inc.

About Our Downhole DivisionPESI Downhole Services

PESI is proud to be the exclusive provider of TAM International products for Alaska.
TAM packer applications include a wide variety of drilling operations. TAM inflatable packers range from 1 11/16" OD to 30" OD with seal lengths from 1 ft. to 35 ft. Port collars for many application. Inflatable and swellable packers and accessories are available to enhance reliability of cementing operations for: Stage Cementing, Squeeze Cementing, Gas Migration Control, Plug and Abandonment along with Hydraulic Bond Improvement.

PESI along with Ray Oil Tool Company products provide new and innovative casing cementing accessories for our Alaska customers.

Ray Oil Tool Company was founded to develop new innovative casing cementing accessories, and their placement, for the betterment in obtaining the most essential requirement necessary for getting cement 360º around the casing. PESI's Downhole Division sales many products such as Silver Bullet Float Shoes, Aluminum Solid Body Centralizers, Intercasing Centralizer and Reamer Shoes.

PESI and TESCO offer years of experience, knowledge, innovation, strength and unparalled service in the support of Alaska downhole petroleum industry.

Tesco Corporation is a global leader in the design, manufacture and service of technology-based solutions for the downhole petroleum industry. With a strong commitment to an in-house research and development program, TESCO is able to take innovative solutions from concept to commerciality. TESCO delivers solutions that add real value by reducing the cost of drilling for and producing oil and gas. TESCO operates around the world, with experience in every major petroleum-producing region. As the largest supplier of rental Top Drive Drilling Systems, TESCO also provides top drive sales and after-market sales for parts and services. TESCO is the acknowledged leader in Casing Running services. Additionally, TESCO's mandate is to change the way people drill wells, making operations safer and more efficient. With a history of technical innovation, a track record of superior customer service and a future of leading-edge solutions, PESI and TESCO will continue to set new standards and demonstrate leadership in the downhole petroleum industry.